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The New York City Fire Department has announced that the enforcement date for Construction Site Fire Safety Managers on construction jobsites was June 1st, 2011. As per NYC Fire Code, Section 1408.1, a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager is now required for any construction site where a SiteSafety Manager (SSM) or Site Safety Coordinator (SSC) is required by the NYC DOB Building Codes!

As a result of this update, TSC has increased its capabilities in order to meet the need for CONSTRUCTION SITE FIRE SAFETY MANAGERS.

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Pre-Fire Plans
TSC‘s experienced Fire Safety staff can also develop and maintain an approved pre-fire plan on the construction site and make it available for examination by any representative of the FDNY. TSC can ensure that as per code, the FDNY is notified of any changes in site conditions materially affecting the procedures set forth in such plan.

Total Safety Consulting also offers:

  • Written fire safety and emergency response programs developed
  • Existing fire safety and emergency response programs reviewed and evaluated
  • Facilities fire safety/life safety compliance audits coordinated
  • Risk assessment offered
  • Fire safety training available
  • Emergency Tape Installation