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Total Safety Consulting is a Turnkey Provider of Local Law 26 Requirements

New York City Local Law 26 will mandate that all commercial buildings over six stories tall implement an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) over and above current requirements.

Local Law 26 (LL26) was created in 2004 to address building emergency preparedness and response. The NYC DOB developed rules that apply to the facility itself, such as sprinkler systems and signage, which are to be implemented over a number of years.

The FDNY’s role with respect to LL26 involves personal safety. FDNY-issued rules that require all office buildings taller than 75 feet to comply with new safety requirements. These requirements set forth the components of building-specific Emergency Action Plans and training so that building occupants are prepared to evacuate a building, shelter in place, or relocate within the building in an emergency.

Compliance dates are as early as April 1, 2006 for landmark building and building over 40 stories. The deadline is July 1, 2006 for buildings over 25 stories and September 1, 2006 for buildings over 6 stories.

Services available through Total Safety Consulting, include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation for compliance with new photoilluminescent signage in high-rise buildings and installation and signoff by professional engineer
  • Development of the Emergency Action Plan
  • Development of the Building Information Card
  • Submission of the EAP to FDNY for approval
  • Preparation and delivery of the EAP to your organization including the EAP Deputy Director, Warden, Deputy Warden, Evacuation Supervisor and Brigade
  • Customized training materials for tenant training

Classroom training in our state-of-the-art, fully staffed and equipped, construction and environmental health and safety-training centers in Long Island City, New York City, and Bayonne, NJ.
TSC will additionally capture and maintain the plan digitally, identify key personnel, determine the location of people with special needs and maintain all training records.

Contact TSC today at 201-437-5150, or via e-mail so that we can discuss your needs and determine an EAP that will suit your needs.