Rigging Consulting Services 2017-03-09T20:16:24+00:00

Total Safety Consulting has added Rigging Consulting to our services menu. Below are some of the services TSC’s Rigging Consultants can provide you:

Provide CD-5 Plan:
TSC will assist with the preparation of the NYC DOB CD-5 for suspended scaffold and submit CD-5 to the DOB for their review and approval

Review/Sign Off of Professional Engineer:
Upon scaffold installation, TSC will coordinate a post-installation review and inspection and thereafter generate a report verifying that the scaffold has been installed as per the approved design drawings

Provide Independent Review of Rigger/Scaffold Set Up:
Once your scaffold has been installed, relocated or removed, a TSC Rigging Consultant can prepare an installation, relocation or removal report

Rigging Training:
TSC will create a report which will verify that employees using and working on scaffolding have been trained properly; evaluate risks and hazards; establish precautions associated with the use of the scaffold