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TSC Southeast
Keeping South Florida Job Sites Safe

Located in the greater Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, TSC Southeast, LLC is a fully-insured, full-service General Contractor (Lic. # CGC1522697). TSC Southeast is a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions, specializing in the fabrication and installation of temporary and comprehensive jobsite protection packages, as well as providing safety training and consulting.

Our experienced crew of highly-skilled construction workers are targeted on preventing accidents and reducing jobsite injuries. At TSC Southeast our focus is based on the core safety competencies that were used to build the parent company 20+ years ago — keeping our clients’ jobsites, their employees and the general public safe!

TSC Southeast is a
turn-key provider of construction safety solutions providing the fabrication and installation of temporary construction packages.

Natural Disaster Readiness
& Recovery Efforts

When natural disasters occur, the devastation can be overwhelming and readiness and recovery efforts are needed immediately. TSC Southeast, LLC has an extensive workforce of highly- skilled construction workers who are prepared to rapidly respond and provide relief on job sites affected by hurricanes, floods, etc.

TSC Southeast is Here to Help with Hurricane Recovery Efforts!

Contact Us for More Information:

Vincent Campisi at vcampisi@totalsafety.org or 201.437.5150

Rudy Nestor at rnestor@totalsafety.org or 844.234.4445

Or direct your requests to info@totalsafety.org

Fabrication and Installation of
Temporary Construction Packages

Anchorage System

• Furnish and install anchor straps along the perimeter, at stairwell landings and elevator shafts.

• Provide training and instruction for trades on site to use the anchorage systems.

Guardrail & Handrail Systems

• Furnish and install guardrail systems (top rail, mid-rail, toe-rail) with debris nets attached along perimeters and at all pits, mechanical shafts, elevator shafts, etc.

• Furnish and install guardrail systems to act as temporary handrails in each stairwell.

Elevator Shaft Overhead Protection

• Furnish and install overhead protection decking for each elevator shaft and provide temporary waterproofing at stairs and elevators.

Hole Covers

• Furnish and install hole covers for mechanical ducts, electrical chases, trash chutes, plumbing risers, HVAC penetrations. Relocate hole covers to higher floors as construction progresses.  Provide temporary waterproofing, hole covers are made or firestop material.

Outrigger Netting Systems

• Furnish, install, maintain and relocate OSHA compliant, perimeter outrigger netting systems starting at the 6th floor.  Outrigger nets will be cleaned of debris daily and regular incident reports will be provided to clients outlining hazardous conditions. Additionally an analysis of corrective work will be provided.  The relocation and final removal of netting system will be provided.

Canopies & Sidewalk Sheds

• Furnish and install temporary entrance canopies, sidewalk sheds, complete with signage.  Structures will be maintained, repaired and relocated (when needed) for duration of project.

Buck Hoist Platform and Protection

• Furnish & Install buck hoist platforms with overhead protection and signage for buck hoist. Buck hoist platform contains ramp, stairs and removable rails to allow delivery trucks direct access to off load materials directly to the buck hoist location.

Buck Hoist Gates and Protection

• Furnish & Install full height expanded plywood protection at the panels adjacent to each of the buck hoist gates. Gates supplied and installed by the buck hoist rental company.

Buck Hoist Protection Services

• Buck hoist decks and ramps, platforms and overhead protection, expanded plywood protection at buck hoist gates as well as signage.  Platform and ramps built with removable rails, to allow for delivery truck access.

Drop Netting Systems

• Furnish and Install drop netting along the perimeters where CMUs are to be installed.  Drop netting systems will be maintained and rotated, not interrupting the CMU schedule.

Install Fire Extinguishers and Floor Signage

• Install fire extinguishers and provide a full line of signage for entire jobsites (fire extinguisher, entry, exit, floor numbers, stairwell, elevator, lobbies, hoist locations, etc.).

Crane Protection

• Furnish and install plywood, protective walls around the base of crane.

Professionally Trained and Equipped Workforce

Professionally trained, highly skilled project managers, carpenters, laborers. Our staff is the best in the business and are outfitted with top of the line tools.  Our team has oversight and guidance from experienced construction supervisor to meet the unique needs of each our customers.

Full range of skilled personnel available – Flagmen, Guardsmen, Buck hoist operators

Contact Us for More Information:

Vincent Campisi at vcampisi@totalsafety.org or 201.437.5150

Rudy Nestor at rnestor@totalsafety.org or 844.234.4445

Or direct your requests to info@totalsafety.org