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Keeping Your Operations Safe and Uninterrupted!

In the midst of this rapidly changing COVID-19 crisis, TSC prides itself on being able to provide its clients the latest and most relevant safety solutions to ensure our clients’ services and operations are safe and are uninterrupted.

TSC Has Identified the Best Ways to Assist the Construction Industry During this Crisis – We’re to Offer These Services:


  • DOB Required Weekly and Post-Severe Weather Inspections on Suspended NYC DOB Jobs – SST Licensed Safety Professionals will provide the DOB required weekly jobsite inspections and post-severe weather inspections, and help you manage your jobsite’s abrupt suspension, by navigating the regulatory requirements and DOB paperwork. View the DOB Bulletin specifying this requirement here.
  • 24/7 Security for Suspended Jobsites – TSC will provide 24 hours security for your suspended jobs in NYC, as required by the DOB on all suspended jobs.
  • EMT’s On-site – EMT’s will conduct COVID-19 risk assessment questionnaires for all personnel on the jobsite to evaluate the risk of your current job force.  With fever being a key symptom of COVID-19, our EMT’s will make routine observations and take selected temperatures of all employees daily. Temperatures are taken using a “non-touch” infrared light thermometer.
  • COVID-19 Health And Safety Program (HASP) – Develop and write a site-specific COVID-19 HASP which will provide recommendations on communicating, establishing employee distancing, providing training, outlining cleaning measures, detailed ways of preventing the spread of the disease and protocols to take should someone present COVID-19 symptoms or confirmed to be positive for COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Staff Awareness Training/Toolbox Talks – Provide COVID-19 Awareness Training aimed at educating staff on the COVID-19 Safety Action Plan, outlining the dangers of COVID-19, the preventative measures to take to reduce the spread of the disease and the proactive steps being taken on the site.
  • COVID-19 Jobsite Remediation & Decontamination – Established prearranged action plan should COVID-19 be confirmed at the site. It’s critical to ensure the ability to immediately decontaminate your workplace should it become exposed to COVID-19.  We have partnered with a leading environmental company who routinely performs oversight of decontamination work for a variety of industries.  We have the expertise, people to provide oversight of the effective decontamination of your jobsite, verify the results of the decontamination and provide documentation of the successful decontamination, to get your site up and running as quickly and safely as possible if exposed to COVID-19.

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Staffing and Services


NYC DOB Licensed Site Safety Manager/Coordinator: In NYC on any building to be built or demolished greater than 10 stories / 125 feet at all work time days and hours to oversee protection of public and property.

Fire Division


Construction Site Fire Safety Manager: In NYC when a new building or demolition is over 250 feet or 20 stories to authorize hot work operations and enforcement of placement-storage and maintenance of flammable/combustible material and site wide fire protection devices. Required at all times when the LSSM is on site. Our retired FDNY and NYPD professionals provide greater peace of mind for a client’s job site.

Licensed Site Safety Manager acting as a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager:  In NYC, where a new building greater than 10 stories or 125 feet high however when less than 250 feet or 20 stories is being erected or demolished. The LSSM-CSFSM conducts all aspects of safety enforcement for both fire safety and construction/demolition safety.

Fireguards for cutting, burning, welding operations:  An FDNY certified professional designated to oversee hot work operation and manage and record, in a bound log, local and peripheral areas during hot work and at least 30 minutes after a specific hot work operation is completed.

Concrete Safety Manager: In NYC, a separate safety professional required to maintain related concrete pour, stripping operation safety protocol and enforcement of perimeter protection devices on a project where more than 2000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured in place.

Qualified Safety Professional:  A safety professional with an array of on-site construction safety professional experience and safety training to oversee miscellaneous alterations and a variety of different construction/demolition projects.

Rigging Foreman to oversee hoisting and rigging operations: A safety professional that is designated and documented by a NYC Licensed Rigger based on experience in hoisting of material and regimented training requirements of the NYC DOB.

Security Guard/ID Badging:  A NY state certified professional on-site to manage verification of site entry and documenting NYC DOB required training and site specific orientations.

Competent Watchperson:  An FDNY and NY State certified professional required on site after work is completed to maintain fire safety, accessible exit, perimeter safety and site security.

Pedestrian Traffic Manager:  A 5-year experienced trained flag person or retired police professional that is on-site to manage the traffic and pedestrian control plan along with flag persons, motor traffic and pedestrian passage during deliveries and unloading of material on a construction site near or at a major thoroughfare.

Flag Person:  A trained safety professional who will enhance public protection and oversee the pedestrian and traffic control during the hoisting and lowering of materials and deliveries at any site or civil roadway project.

Onsite EMT for new worker orientations, first aid, drug and alcohol testing:  A trained professional providing a service to manage incoming staff to verify training certificates and site expectations. Also attend to minor injuries and triage other types of injuries and illnesses. In addition, capable of conducting testing of workers to detect the use or influence of mind-altering substances and alcohol.

Confined Space Entry Attendant:  A specifically trained safety professional required to control and record access into a specific work area that is limited in access and potentially hazardous, however prepared to gain the means for possible rescue.

Environmental/EH&S Consultant to perform noise and air quality testing:  A trained safety professional who, with calibrated equipment, can verify gas(es) detection of the atmosphere and ambient noise level and subsequent means to alleviate.

Certified Safety Professional:  A nationally certified safety professional who can assess and manage safety and health on any type of construction, civil or environmental project.

Certified Health Safety Technician:  A nationally certified safety professional who can assess and manage safety and health on any type of construction, civil or environmental project.

Lift Director: A NYC required and specifically trained-experienced safety professional who will oversee all ancillary aspects of any type of crane set up, use and relocation on any type of construction project.

QPSS:  A multi trained safety professional who will oversee all site safety management and administrative safety enforcement, in lieu of a LSSM, on a major building façade restoration project.

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Site Safety Plan Development: Required by NYC Building Code and various regulatory entities.

Tenant Protection Plan Development: Required by NYC Building Code and various regulatory entities.

DOT Plan Development: As required by NY State DOT & NYC DOT for DOT permit issuance.

3D Modeling/Revit Plan Development: Creation of site safety or other protection plans in Revit or Hybrid 2D/3D format.

Fire Safety Plan as per NYC DOB Requirements: As required by NYC Fire Code.

Noise Mitigation Plan as per DEP Requirements: As required by Citywide Construction Noise Mitigation rules.

FDNY Permit Expediting: Including FDNY variances, Emergency Action Plans & Miscellaneous FDNY site permits.

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Safety Training


  • New Local Law 196 training
  • OSHA-Construction and General Industry
  • NYC DOB approved courses
  • FDNY approved courses
  • FDNY Certificate of Fitness prep courses
  • Environmental Lead/ Asbestos Training
  • Over 60 courses available!

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Safety Supplies

Fall-Protection-Safety Gear

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • PFE Recharging
  • PFE Cabinets
  • Hood Suppression Systems
  • Safety Supply Outlet on Site
  • First Aid Kits
  • Hi Viz clothing
  • Protective Gear
  • Tools
  • …and much more!

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Onsite MedTech

TSCMT-Onsite Medtech-logo

  • On Site EMTs
  • Medical evaluation and Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Drug and Breath Alcohol Screening
  • First Aid/CPR Training.
  • Ability to assist in record keeping with Site Specific or Wrap Up  Insurance Programs.

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