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How to Handle a Site Shutdown

In the event of a site shutdown, it’s important to know how to prepare your site for suspended service. A shutdown can occur when an incident on site occurs, a government mandate, or severely inclement weather. With that, steps must be taken before workers go offsite until the project is resumed.

To keep construction sites safe during closure, please ensure that the following precautions will be taken within notice of shutdown:

  • Secure material so that it does not fall or become displaced, potentially sustaining damage or causing harm to anyone visiting the site or, in some cases, remaining on the project.
  • Lock away any tools and equipment to keep them from being moved.
  • Make sure the entire project is secured by the appropriate locked fencing and securing of guardrails.
  • Remove electronic equipment from the construction site.
  • Cover/barricade all open holes, excavations, and trenches.
  • Secure and lock all heavy equipment to prevent use or loss.
  • Post appropriate warning or caution signs.
  • Turn off generators that are providing temporary power.
  • Make sure that exit signs and temporary lighting are operational.

Local Law 70 of 2009

In addition, in conjunction with Local Law 70 of 2009, you will need to do the following with a detailed suspension plan for maintaining site safety during suspension:

  • Such plan shall contain proposed measures for securing the site from access by unauthorized persons.
  • The maintenance of construction fencing with view panels including the posting of work permits and removal of any unlawful flyers or posters; installation of proper shoring of excavated sites or back-filling.
  • The placement on the site of equipment in a manner that will minimize the risk of harm to members of the public and schedules for inspecting the equipment remaining on such site.
  • The removal of snow and ice on sidewalks abutting the site and snow and ice on the site that poses a potential danger to members of the public.
  • The maintenance of any installed fire suppression and detection systems.
  • The removal of any volatile gases and liquids.
  • The removal of any stagnant water from any excavation sites.
  • The removal of any construction debris or rubbish.
  • The removal of any excess vegetation and graffiti.
  • The monitoring of all such measures.

Total Safety Consulting is a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions. We can oversee site closure, as well as monitor activity on the suspended site to ensure that nothing is being tampered with. For more on our services, contact us today.

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