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The Importance of Audits on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be dangerous places. There are many dangers, such as fall hazards when working at heights or handling risky equipment or materials. In 2016, there were 56 occupational fatalities in New York City and 21 of these fatalities occurred in the private construction industry. Due to the hazards present in the construction industry, it is imperative that audits are performed regularly to ensure that the jobsite is safe, and the number of injuries is minimized.

Local Law 81 NYC DOB Compliance

In November 2017, Local Law 81 took effect in NYC. Under this law, the New York Department of Buildings is expanding the requirements of construction superintendents. Superintendents are now necessary on more job types and they have more duties assigned to them. 

The duties of a construction superintendent include reporting to every jobsite they are responsible for every single day and signing the daily log. While on the jobsite, the superintendent must make sure the work that is being done complies with regulations and ensures the work meets the building code. Injury reporting, documenting, correcting unsafe conditions and maintaining the daily log are responsibilities of the superintendent.

Compliance with this law is important to promoting safety on the construction site. Furthermore, non-compliance can result in penalties of up to $25,000 in fines and criminal prosecution. Due to the ramifications of non-compliance, it is important that construction projects be audited to ensure full compliance. Hiring a site safety professional to inspect jobsite conditions, check required documentation including daily logs, equipment inspection checklist and accident reports will greatly help your projects safely remain in compliance with local law 81.

Sidewalk Shed Audits

Nearly every type of construction requires that sidewalk sheds are assembled allowing sidewalks to remain open for pedestrian use. Sidewalk sheds protect people on sidewalks from debris that may fall from the construction work above them. Sidewalk sheds must meet certain requirements before they can be erected on a jobsite. A permit must be obtained, and the shed must be site specific. It is also required that regular inspections are performed on the sidewalk sheds to ensure safety.

Regular audits of sidewalk sheds are crucial to promoting the safety of those around them and to ensure compliance with the Department of Buildings. Inspections of sidewalk sheds should be performed on a regular basis. Audits of recently installed or repaired sidewalk sheds are important to ensure it is constructed properly and code compliant. Having audits performed will prevent you from receiving fines or stop-work orders.

You can see the updated map of Active Sidewalk Shed Permits here.

Total Safety Consulting (TSC) Safety Professionals Can Assist By:

  • Providing the required daily sidewalk shed inspections
  • Providing the required 6 months inspections
  • Providing an assessment/ periodic audit service to inspect any sidewalk shed which is already installed or was recently repaired
  • Verify the sidewalk shed design drawings are available and the registered design professional or sidewalk shed installer has documented the sidewalk shed was installed as per the design drawings
  • Actively inspect all sidewalk sheds on a regular schedule to provide ongoing safety audits or on a 6-month rotation to ensure your inspections are up-to-date and that your jobsite sidewalk sheds are safe and compliant

Crane and Scaffold Code Compliance

Cranes and scaffolding are often a necessary part of a construction project. However, they pose risks of falling from large heights to those who use them. Since this equipment can be dangerous, it is especially important that the operators are properly trained and the equipment is code compliant.

Regular audits and inspections of cranes and scaffolding can prevent fall injuries to workers by identifying dangerous conditions. Audits will make you aware of possible violations that need to be corrected to avoid fines and other consequences.


Working with TSC

With over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, Total Safety Consulting is your turnkey solution for all of your construction safety needs. TSC can perform periodic audits of your jobsite on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure they are code compliant. Total Safety can provide you with a site safety manager and other site safety professionals for your jobsites. As experts in construction safety, TSC has extensive knowledge about the requirements for sidewalk sheds, cranes, and scaffolding. Our sister companies, TSCTA and TSCTANJ offer the training necessary for your workers.

By working with us you can be rest assured that your jobsites will be safer and remain code compliant. To schedule an audit or learn more about our construction safety services, contact us today or give us a call at 201-437-5150.

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