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National Safety Month – Staying Safe on the Construction Site

June is recognized as National Safety Month. National Safety Month is sponsored annually by the National Safety Council. The goal for this month is to help reduce the leading causes of injury and death at work and in our communities. It is important to use this month to spread awareness about jobsite hazards and how to make the workplace safer.

Total Safety Consulting encourages you to stay safe on the construction site this month by enlisting the help of our safety consulting services. We offer a variety of services to help keep you and your employees safe on the jobsite. 

Site Safety Plans

TSC can provide comprehensive and detailed safety plans that meet the requirements set by Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code. Some features of our plans include:

  • Locations of surrounding buildings
  • Locations of sidewalk sheds, construction fences, temporary walkways, and guardrails
  • Required safety netting and scaffolding
  • Means of egress
  • Proper signage, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and disposal methods
  • Consulting building code, government regulations, and emergency response agencies for health, safety, and environmental regulation compliance

When safety plans developed by TSC are approved, we can provide the personnel necessary to implement the plans.

Site Safety Personnel

 Total Safety can provide New York City construction sites with the safety professionals they need to keep a safe work environment. Some of our personnel include:

  • Licensed Site Safety Managers
  • Licensed Site Safety Coordinators
  • Construction Fire Safety Managers
  • Concrete Safety Managers
  • Qualified Safety Professionals
  • Rigging Foreman
  • Security Guards
  • Competent Watchperson
  • Pedestrian Traffic Managers
  • Onsite EMTs 
  • Confined Space Entry Attendants

The site safety personnel from TSC are fully trained and qualified to help keep your jobsite safe. Our staff will be responsible for conducting safety inspections for potential hazards, monitoring compliance with OSHA and NYC DOB regulations, ensuring workers have proper training and certification, developing and implementing emergency response procedures, scheduling worker orientations and safety meetings, and conducting accident reporting. 

Contact TSC Your Construction Safety Needs

If you are interested in making your jobsite safer during National Safety Month, or any time of year, Total Safety Consulting has the knowledge and staff you need. Contact TSC today for your comprehensive site safety plan and safety professionals. 

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