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TSC Recognizes Safe & Sound Week by Promoting Site Safety

While safety and health are important every day of the year, it is emphasized each year during Safe and Sound Week in an effort to encourage workplaces to develop safety and health programs. Safe and Sound Week is August 12-18, 2019, and OSHA is sponsoring this event to get workplaces across America to participate by developing safety programs or by recognizing safety successes.

Participating in Safe and Sound Week

Any organization that is looking to recognize the success of their workplace health and safety program or raise awareness about worker safety can participate in Safe and Sound Week. Use this week to improve safety in your workplace by creating a safety and health program, energizing an existing program, or recognizing the success of your program in keeping workers safe. Sign up online to participate in Safe & Sound Week!

Benefits of Safety & Health Programs:

Safety and health programs provide numerous benefits to workplaces including:

  • Preventing injuries and illnesses
  • Improving compliance with laws & regulations
  • Reducing costs, including workers’ compensation premiums
  • Enhancing social responsibility
  • Increasing productivity

Boosting Safety & Health Programs with Site Safety Personnel

Safety and health programs are extremely important on construction sites, especially in New York City with a recent increase in laws regarding compliance and safety training. Having site safety personnel on the jobsite to oversee the safety on the construction site will reduce injuries and ensure that your safety plan is being enforced. Some important personnel to have on a jobsite include:

  • Licensed Site Safety Manager – required by Local Law 81 on certain jobsites in NYC. A LSSM will make sure work is compliant with safety standards, correct unsafe conditions, notify the NYC DOB of accidents or unsafe conditions.
  • Fire Safety Manager – authorizes hot work operations and maintains fire protection devices and flammable combustible materials.
  • Concrete Safety Manager – Oversees safety of concrete operations on projects with more than 200 cubic yards of concrete being poured.
  • Rigging Foreman – a designated safety professional with experience and training that oversees hoisting and rigging operations.

When you have safety personnel on the jobsite, injuries are reduced, compliance with laws is improved, and overall productivity improves.

TSC Improves Site Safety in New York City

Total Safety Consulting promotes Safe and Sound week year round by developing site safety plans for New York City construction sites and by providing the personnel and tools needed for safety. At TSC, we provide safety personnel to NYC jobsites including Licensed Site Safety Managers, Fire Safety Managers, Concrete Safety Managers, and more!

Our safety personnel are trained and certified to oversee the safety of construction jobs and reduce workplace accidents. In addition to providing safety personnel, TSC promotes safety in other ways including:

  • Providing personal protective equipment for construction workers
  • Providing onsite EMTs, medical evaluations, and First Aid/CPR through TSC MedTech
  • Providing fire safety professionals to prevent fires and fire related injuries through TSC Fire Division

To learn more about how TSC can improve safety and compliance on NYC jobsites, contact us today!

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