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Plans and Logistics for a NYC DOB Site Safety Plan

Every day counts when builders want to get their buildings occupied. We are a New York safety consultant company that works with builders from the minute they win a bid until the last screw is turned. We provide the plans and logistics for a master site safety plan that integrates seamlessly with the construction plan and ensures the job goes more smoothly. Our proven process gets them the permits they need and keeps the workers and the public safer. Here’s how we keep New York building.

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Our 3-Step Process

Step 1: Assessment

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Before our clients can break ground, a Site Safety Plan must be approved to get the required permits.  TSC provides clients Site Safety Logistics Plans and Phased Site Safety Plans. We work closely with our clients to asses and gather all the information needed to prepare highly-detailed plans that meet requirements indicated in Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code, including:

  • Location of construction fences, sidewalk sheds, temporary walkways, guardrails around excavations, etc.
  • Location of surrounding buildings, loading areas, and standpipe system and Siamese hose connections
  • All required safety netting and scaffolding
  • All means of egress
  • Indicators for proper signage, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and disposal methods
  • Consulting building codes, government regulations and other emergency response agencies to ensure the job site is compliant with health, safety and environmental regulations

The client is given a detailed 2D, 3D, animated demo and often a 3D printed model of the building and its surroundings to view the safety plan from every angle.

Step 2: Developing a Plan


Our team of highly trained professional provide comprehensive and detailed site safety plans. 

Below are the kinds of plans we deliver to the construction industry.

Plans and Logistics Site Safety Plan Illustration


3D diagram of Site safety Plan


Animation frame from a site safety plan

Step 3: Implementation and Monitoring


Once the safety plans are approved and construction begins, TSC provides a dedicated, licensed Site Safety Managers who are responsible for implementing, monitoring and enforcing the safety of the construction site.

Licensed Site Safety Managers are required to oversee safety on NYC construction sites when the building is 15 stories or higher and a Licensed Site Safety Coordinator is required when the building is between 10 and 14 stories. 

TSC’s staff of certified and or licensed safety professionals who are the link between state/local agencies and contractors. Our highly skilled and qualified staff are responsible for:

  • Conducting site safety inspections for potential hazards, including checking for appropriate safety clothing or gear, broken equipment, defective tools and enforcing the display of safety signage
  • Monitoring compliance with the safety requirements indicated in NYC and OSHA rules and regulations
  • Ensuring workers have proper training and certifications required to operate specific equipment
  • Developing and implementing emergency response procedures and performing emergency response drills
  • Scheduling worker orientations, safety meetings and tool box talks
  • Conducting accident reporting and maintaining required logs and other record keeping

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