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Building a Safer Construction Site

TSC Southeast, our South Florida company, is a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions specializing in the fabrication and installation of temporary and comprehensive jobsite protection packages. TSC Southeast offers professionally trained, highly-skilled project managers, carpenters, and laborers. Our staff is the best in the business who will meet the unique needs of each client and operate as an extension of your staff aimed at keeping the job running smoothly, on time and on budget. In addition to traditional laborers, TSCSE also offers a full-range of specialized construction personnel including, Flagmen, Guardsmen, Buck Hoist Operators, and Gatekeepers. Learn more on the TSCSE website

TSC Southeast Capabilities

Canopies and Sidewalk Sheds

TSC Southeast Construction-Entrance-Canopies-and-Sidewalk-Sheds

Outrigger Netting Systems

TSC Southeast Florida-Building-Site-Outrigger-Netting-Systems

Buck Hoist Protection


Hole Covering


Guardrail Systems


Fire Extinguisher Safety Signage


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About TSC Southeast

Working on major construction projects in one of America’s busiest cities presents unique challenges. The safety of the workers, as well as the public, must be factored into the planning.

The Safety Management team for Miami’s tallest building, 1000 Museum, hired TSCSE as a consultant to design and build the entire safety system for the project. From signage to railings, platforms, netting and much more, TSCSE created the entire safety program for the job site.

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Professionally Trained and Equipped Workforce

We have 100 laborers on hand for scope/gap work. Professionally trained, highly skilled project managers, carpenters, laborers. Our staff is the best in the business and are outfitted with top of the line tools.

Our team has oversight and guidance from experienced construction supervisor to meet the unique needs of each our customers. Full range of skilled personnel available – Flagmen, Guardsmen, Buck hoist operators.

Located in the greater Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, TSC Southeast, LLC is a fully-insured, full-service General Contractor (Lic. # CGC1522697). TSCSE is a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions, specializing in the fabrication and installation of temporary and comprehensive job site protection packages.

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