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Safety Training Courses in the NY Area

Safety training is the most important tool in your belt—because a well trained work force is a safer workforce. TSC Training Academy, a safety training consultant company, offers the new Local Law 196 certification and 60+ construction site and safety training courses to qualify workers in the NY / NJ area. Certify your team in OSHA 10, 4-Hour Scaffold, Site Safety Manager, Rigging, Fire Safety and much more.

Looking for site safety audits, plans and certified personnel, contact Total Safety Consulting to discuss your needs. We are New York City’s safety consultant company.

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OSHA Training

OSHA-Training-Courses-NYC TSC Training Academy

Choose from 7 courses including 10 and 30-Hour Construction Safety & Health Program. Get more info and register here

NYC DOB Approved Courses


Choose from 5 courses including 40-Hour Site Safety Manager and 30-Hour Concrete Safety Manager. Get more info and register here

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The laws are changing December 1st! Get certified now for Local Law 196 at TSC Training Academy.


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Site Safety Training Cards & Courses

TSC Training Academy is here to help you with all of your SST Card needs. We offer the required training courses necessary to receive your site safety training card. We also can issue you a card upon completion of your training.

LL196 Requirements

Local Law 196 mandates safety training for all workers on construction or demolition sites that require a Construction Super, Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, Concrete Safety Manager, or Competent Person. This requirement applies to workers on projects in the 5 Boroughs of NYC. All workers must complete at least 40 hours of safety training to obtain an SST Card. Supervisors are required to take at least 62 hours of safety training to receive a Supervisor SST Card.

Local Law 196 FAQs

If you have any questions about Local Law 196 or SST Cards, TSCTA can answer your questions. If you want to know compliance dates, who LL196 applies to, or what courses must be taken, visit our FAQ page.

If you have specific questions about Local Law 196 you need answered, you can contact us and we will get your questions answered.

SST Card Issuance & Verification

Have you completed all the required training and need an SST card? TSC Training Academy is an authorized issuer of Temporary, Limited, Worker, and Supervisor SST Cards. We can issue you a card regardless of where you completed your training. If you need an SST Card, you can request a card here.

If you already have an SST Card and need to verify the validity of it, you can submit an SST Verification Request. TSC Training Academy will verify you card within 2 business days.

SST Courses

TSCTA is a DOB-approved Site Safety Training Provider. We offer many SST courses that are necessary in order to obtain your Workers or Supervisor SST Card. With our experienced instructors and conveniently located training centers, we are a great option for site safety training in NYC.

Some of the courses we provide include:

If you are interested in taking an SST Course from TSCTA, visit the course page to view our course schedule and register online. We are your source for construction safety training in NYC. If you have any questions about the courses we provide, contact us today.

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