NYC Licensed Site Safety Managers for Construction Sites

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At Total Safety Consulting, we provide Licensed Site Safety Managers for construction sites in NYC and within the tri-state area. Having a Licensed Site Safety Manager on your jobsite can provide many benefits including promoting jobsite safety and NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) compliance.

NYC DOB Compliance

Local Law 81 requires that construction superintendents be present on the following types of jobsites:

  • New building construction or full demolition (excluding 1-, 2- and 3-family homes)
  • Alteration
  • Vertical / horizontal enlargement
  • Demo 50%+ floor area over 12 months
  • Underpinning / Excavations
  • Jobs with enhanced risk to public & property

If your job meets these conditions and you need a construction superintendent, TSC can provide you with a Licensed Site Safety Manager (LSSM) that fulfills NYC DOB requirements.

Duties of a Licensed Site Safety Manager

At Total Safety Consulting, our Licensed Site Safety Managers are fully trained and can perform the duties that are required by Local Law 81. Some of the duties that our site safety managers will be responsible for include:

  • Making sure work complies with approved documents and maintaining a log of daily activities
  • Reporting to the jobsite every single day and signing the daily log.
  • Taking responsibility for correction of unsafe conditions. When unsafe conditions are found, he/she will notify those responsible, ensure the condition is corrected, and record the incident in the daily log.
  • Being responsible for all of the conditions listed in the building code, which includes, for example, unlicensed equipment operators, work without permits, improperly constructed sidewalk sheds and standpipes, among other job site malfeasance.
  • In the event of an accident to persons or adjoining property, notifying the DOB and recording the incident in the daily log.
  • Being the point person to notify the DOB, for the 16 worksite conditions that require immediate DOB notification.
  • Naming a competent person on each job site to be present at all times work is being done.

Licensed Site Safety Managers perform many tasks that are important for safety and compliance. Hiring a site safety manager from TSC will help you avoid fines from noncompliance as well as reduce the risk of injuries on the jobsite.

Additional Services from TSC

In addition to Licensed Site Safety Managers, TSC can provide staffing, services, and training to make your jobsite a safer place. If you need a site safety plan, safety training, compliance audits, or additional safety professionals, Total Safety Consulting has you covered.

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Staffing and Services


Licensed Site Safety Manager/Coordinator

Licensed Site Safety Manager acting as a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager

Qualified Safety Professional Rigging Foreman to oversee hoisting and rigging operations

Security Guard/ID Badging

Competent Watchperson

Pedestrian Traffic Manager

Flag Person

Onsite EMT for new worker orientations, first aid, drug and alcohol testing

Confined Space Entry Attendant

H&S Consultant to perform noise and air quality testing

Certified Safety Professional

Certified Health Safety Technician

Lift Director


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Site Safety Plan Development

Tenant Protection Plan Development

DOT Plan Development

3D Modeling/Revit Plan Development

Fire Safety Plan as per NYC DOB Requirements

Noise Mitigation Plan as per DEP Requirements

FDNY Permit Expediting

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Safety Training

  • New Local Law 196 training
  • OSHA-Construction and General Industry
  • NYC DOB approved courses
  • FDNY approved courses
  • FDNY Certificate of Fitness prep courses
  • Environmental Lead/ Asbestos Training
  • Over 60 courses available!

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Safety Supplies


  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • PFE Recharging
  • PFE Cabinets
  • Hood Suppression Systems
  • Safety Supply Outlet on Site
  • First Aid Kits
  • Hi Viz clothing
  • Protective Gear
  • Tools
  • …and much more!

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