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Fire Prevention Week

Every October, the National Fire Protection Association recognizes Fire Prevention Week. This year Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12 and the theme is “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” 

Be a Hero in Your Home & Workplace

This year, the NFPA’s theme represents the idea that a hero can be someone who takes small, but important actions to keep themselves and those around them safe from a fire. During Fire Prevention Week, be a hero at home and at work by promoting fire safety. Some things you can do to stay safe at home and at work include: 

  • Make a fire safety plan – find two exits from every room and pick a meeting place in front of your home or office building to meet
  • Check for smoke alarms – make sure your home and business have smoke alarms. Test them monthly to make sure they are working
  • Practice your escape – have a fire drill at home or at work to make sure everyone knows what to in case of a fire
  • Check for fire extinguishers – make sure your workplace has fire extinguishers and that they are inspected regularly
  • Train employees on fire safety – make sure employees know how to use extinguishers and teach them safety methods
  • Close doors after you leave – closing the door after you leave a room can stop or slow the spread of a fire to the next room

Fire Safety on the Construction Site

On the construction site, it is extremely important to stay on top of fire safety. In unfinished buildings, there is a greater danger if a fire occurs because they spread so quickly. Fires on construction sites can start from flammable materials on the site as well as from extension cords. 

Promote fire safety on your jobsite by doing these things: 

  • Have fire extinguishers in accordance with fire standards
  • Remove waste properly
  • Make sure employees are trained on fire safety
  • Know the fire hazards that are present on construction sites

TSC Promotes Fire Safety

At Total Safety Consulting, we understand the importance of fire safety which is why we have a Fire Division that can oversee fire safety initiatives on the construction site. 

Your construction site and workplace should have fire extinguishers present to prevent fires. We sell fire extinguishers to protect your workplace. In addition, SSU can tag and service your fire extinguishers. The FDNY is now requiring new extinguishers and serviced extinguishers to be tagged with FDNY-issues tags to verify authenticity and meet compliance. Purchase a new PFE and get it tagged by SSU or schedule a service call today to get your existing extinguishers tagged!

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