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Pouring Concrete Soon?

There’s so much going on at once on construction sites and that includes the pouring of concrete, which is an entire job in and of itself.

From concrete trucks and numerous workers including laborers and masons and the stop and go of the process, there are a lot of moving parts involved when it comes to concrete. When it comes to construction in general, there are many safety concerns that go hand in hand regarding the pouring of concrete. First and foremost, remember that being safe on the job should always be priority No. 1.

If you have a concrete job with 2,000+ cubic yards placed, ask yourself if you’ll be needing a Licensed Concrete Safety Manager.

The answer is yes!

What you should know is that concrete jobs in New York City require a Department of Buildings Licensed Concrete Safety Manager on all construction sites where there is a minimum of 2,000 cubic yards of concrete being poured.

The Concrete Safety Managers used must be licensed and fully registered with the DOB. Additionally, those managers must have their name on the permit application. Once designated, the Licensed Concrete Safety Manager must be present to supervise all the concrete operations for a particular site and may only be assigned to one site at a time.

Total Safety Consulting, LLC, knows the business inside and out with more than 20 years of on-the-job experience as the largest independent provider of licensed safety professionals in the New York City area. A standout in the business, TSC has highly experienced Licensed Concrete Safety Managers available at any given time.

Remember that it’s always the right time to be safe.

For any construction safety needs, contact Vin Campisi or Diana Striffolina at TSC’s Client Services Department at 201.437.5150.


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