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TSC has Partnered with the CERT Institute to Provide Environmental Safety Training!

At Total Safety Consulting, our dedication to construction safety not only includes site and worker safety, but safety of the environment at large. This includes the pedestrian foot traffic surrounding the site, as well as the environment itself to reduce the site’s carbon footprint. One other aspect is the importance of hygienic awareness and environmental engineering. This is done in part with the CERT Institute, an organization dedicated to the health and safety of the contractor’s environment. CERT ensures that there is a need for updated standards and comprehensive training to help combat the ever changing world of infectious disease.

Origins of the CERT Institute

The beginnings of the CERT Institute can be traced back to the Environmental Contractors Association, an organization dedicated to raising industry standards. With green building as their focus, they believe that sustainable building practices not only include new construction, but also includes retrofitting and maintaining of current buildings. Their goal of environmental remediation through efficient and sustainable building will add the benefit of conserved natural resources, minimized strain on the environment, as well as reduced costs and improved air/water quality.

We at TSC believe in the mission statement of the ECA, so much so that we are Association Members. The importance of the environment in regards to construction safety is paramount, with new safety practices being implemented to minimize construction’s impact on the environment.

The CERT Institute’s Goals

As outlined on their website, the CERT Institute’s goals include, but are not limited to:


Throughout the last seven years, and in consultation with government agencies and professional industry organizations, the ECA has worked within CERT to develop professional training courses designed to set a new standard for continuing education classes related to building and project management.

TSC’s Role in Training and Compliance

At TSC, we aim to ensure our training and site safety professional not only meets the NYC DOB regulations and OSHA standards, but to serve as the leading example of innovative safety solutions that improves safety across NYC and beyond. With the CERT Institute, TSC has partnered with the ECA in co-opting events, holding informational training sessions, and coordinating initiatives that take environmental factors into consideration when operating a construction site and training it’s workers.

TSC’s role as the leading provider in safety solutions continues with involvement in the CERT Institute, an organization that pledges to reducing constructions environmental impact. For more info on the CERT Institute, visit them online here. For more info on TSC’s services and training, visit our main page or contact us today!

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