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Implementing a Tenant Protection Plan

What is a Tenant Protection Plan?

A Tenant Protection Plan is a plan that contains methods for safeguarding occupants who are living in a building that is under construction. Tenant Protection Plans are required for buildings that have at least one occupied dwelling unit during the time of construction and follow proper code and regulation. Our very own Certified Safety Professional, Peter Simon, wrote an article on Tenant Protection Plans for the AGC Cornerstone Winter 2018 edition, which can be found here.

A Tenant Protection Plan is required by the NYC Department of Buildings. The Tenant Protection Plan provides for a list of categories that must be met. These categories include:

  • Egress
  • Fire Safety
  • Health Requirements
  • Compliance With Housing Standards
  • Structural Safety
  • Noise Restrictions
  • Maintaining Essential Services

What Does a Tenant Protection Plan Contain?

There are several things that must be included in your Tenant Protection Plan. The plan should contain the following:

  • A statement that the building contains dwelling units that will be occupied during construction, indicating in sufficient detail the specific units that are or may be occupied during construction.
  • The means and methods to be employed to safeguard the safety and health of the occupants.
  • Details such as temporary fire-rated assemblies, opening protectives, or dust containment procedures.

Local Law 154 of 2017

On December 28th, 2017, amendments to the NYC Administrative Code and the requirements for Tenant Protection Plans were made effective. Local Law 154 includes an updated form that requires more specific means of safeguarding building occupants. It also requires that owners distribute notices to their tenants when a Tenant Protection Plant is in place. These notices must include:

  • Statement that occupants of the building may obtain a paper copy of the Tenant Protection Plan from the Owner and may access the plan on the Department’s website,
  • The name and contact information of the Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, or Construction Superintendent, as applicable, or, if there is no Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator or Superintendent of construction, the name and contact information of the Owner of the building or the Owner’s designee, and
  • That complaints can be made to 311 regarding the work.

Create a Tenant Protection Plan with TSC

The team at Total Safety Consulting has the safety management expertise needed to help you create a Tenant Protection Plan that complies with building code. We can also develop site safety plans, fire safety plans, and more. Our team can help you create the Tenant Protection Plan you need to keep your building occupants safe and healthy. Our goal is to reduce job site injuries and make your construction site a safer place. To learn more about the services provided by TSC, contact us today.

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