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NYC Building and Fire Codes

Whenever a building is constructed, there are stringent codes that it must follow, especially in New York City. It is important that new construction projects are compliant with both building code and fire code. Knowing the code and remaining compliant with it throughout the entire construction process can be difficult and time consuming. Site safety managers can assist your jobsite by making sure that are rules and regulations are enforced.

Building Code Compliance

During construction or demolition, it is important to be in compliance with building code to help ensure the safety of those on the jobsite. Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code sets forth safeguards for construction or demolition sites, and Local Law 81 was introduce to amend the New York city building code, in relation to requiring construction
superintendents at certain construction sites, Site Safety Plans, Site safety managers, coordinators and superintendent of construction.

To learn more about this law click here.

Here are some of the safeguards that are listed:

Site Safety Manager

A Site Safety Manager is required in New York City on buildings that are 15 stories or greater. The duties of a site safety manager include ensuring compliance with the site safety plan and safety requirements. They must always be present at the work site when active work is occurring.

Site Safety Plan

A permit to cannot be issued for construction until a site safety plan has been approved by the NYC DOB. The requirements for a site safety plan are set forth in the NYC Administrative Code.

Tenant Protection Plan

Any building that has people living in it while construction is occurring or is partially occupied must have a tenant protection plan in place that is in accordance with the administrative code

To get more information about Local Law 154 click here.

NYC Fire Code

Any construction in NYC not only must be in compliance with building code, it must also comply with fire code. This is important for promoting fire safety on the jobsite. Chapter 14 of the New York City Fire Code explains the regulations for fire safety on construction sites. One requirement of the fire code is a certified fire safety manager. A fire safety manager is designated for a construction site whenever a site safety manager or coordinator is required. The site safety manager or coordinator can act as a fire safety manager. The fire safety manager is responsible for inspecting all fire safety measures on the jobsite daily. There is no smoking allowed on construction sites and “No Smoking” signs must be present on the jobsite. Fire extinguishers must be present in certain locations on a jobsite.

TSC Makes Code Compliance Easy

At Total Safety Consulting, we make complying with code simple. We provide staffing and services to construction sites including site safety managers as well as site safety plans in accordance with NYC DOB specifications. Our site safety managers are experts on building code and will ensure that your construction site is always in compliance by performing regular inspections and ensuring that the site safety plan is always being followed. We can also draft tenant protection plans for any occupied buildings under construction. TSC will provide fire safety managers to construction sites to ensure that the fire code is always being followed. In addition, our safety supplies store can provide jobsites with the necessary signage and fire extinguishers. The team at Total Safety has years of experience in the construction industry and will work with you to ensure that your construction site is always safe and code compliant.

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